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Re: Where could we put web pages about debian-installer on the official debian web server?

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 09:30:36AM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> > > > > Great, so I guess we can start converting the content of
> > > > > cvs://.../debian-installer/doc/html/ to
> > > > > cvs://.../webwml/english/devel/debian-installer...
> > 
> > So we should forget about a simple move
> > My proposal is to go use both.
> > 
> > Before you say "that is double work, will have ambiguous data",
> > consider that the current situation is also not desired
> > and we never we will find out how {easy,difficult} it is
> > to keep them in sync when we don't start with it.
> Well, not so hard at all. if you put the wml source in webwml,
> and the web build script just deploys built html to cvs. 
> Is that reasonable, Josip?

Yeah, of course. The version in d-boot repository can be used for testing,
and the webwml version for what goes to users.

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