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Re: Bug#127849: GIF Images Still In Use

* Andrew Shugg <andrew@neep.com.au> [2003-01-14 16:33]:
> Browsers don't care about file extensions, as long as the MIME
> information is sent.

 I'd like to disagree.  Just recently I had to tweak some scripts that I
wrote to please IE for it _does_ care about file extensions and seems to
disrespect the MIME information sometimes.

 png support in browsers is _still_ far from being acceptable.  Almost
none supports transparency and even less support the alpha channel in
png.  And then there is the thing with the gamma value.

 png's are nice but IMHO unfortunately still not ready for the web.
Perl modules tend to have nicely hierierachical layout and good
descriptive names (except for when they don't).
                   -- Joey Hess in <20011008165337.A15052@kitenet.net>

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