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Re: Debian Privacy Notice ?

Raphael Hertzog said:
> someome requested me that that I make it more evident in the PTS pages
> that the email address that are part of our "subscribers list" are kept
> private : ie not reselled or anything like that. I looked for such a
> page but I think we don't have any such page for the mailing lists ...
> and maybe it would be good to have such a page (that way I can put a
> simple link to it somewhere in the PTS). :-)

There is a disclaimer page for the Debian mailing lists; have a look at
debian-www/webwml/english/MailingLists/disclaimer.wml in CVS or the
published version at <http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/disclaimer>.

If you're going to use the disclaimer for the PTS then I think the
disclaimer itself should be moved to /legal/ and be referenced by the
mailing lists, the PTS, the BTS and for visitors to the website itself.

Someone on debian-legal may be able to help with modifications to the
disclaimer document.  I posted some suggestions a month or two ago on
this list, but no-one was particularly interested.  ;)


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