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Re: Debian Privacy Notice ?

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> someome requested me that that I make it more evident in the PTS pages
> that the email address that are part of our "subscribers list" are kept
> private : ie not reselled or anything like that. I looked for such a
> page but I think we don't have any such page for the mailing lists ...
> and maybe it would be good to have such a page (that way I can put a
> simple link to it somewhere in the PTS). :-)
> What do you think ? Anyone would like to make such a page ?

How ironic! We don't sell email addresses but we mailbomb our list
users with a lot of spam, so the end result is nearly the same...

Not that such privacy statement would be a bad idea, but honestly, we
should fight spam much better before that.

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