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Re: Anyone interested? [FWD] Re: And why DDTP does not use webwml? Re: Why DDTP? shouldn't it be DPTP? (was Re: spanish translations in DDTP now) (from: grisu@debian.org)

* Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org> [2002-12-05 20:14]:
>  After looking a bit more, I have been pinted to the ddts dir in Debian
>  cvs. Seems that the pages are under ddtp-web module, so they should
>  only be integrated under webwml module. (Even easier ;)

 The real problem with their webpage is that they like to have
everything in _one_ file.  Every translation of it.  That means if one
fumbles with a translation the whole page doesn't get generated anymore.

 Furthermore people might have to play around with different encodings
in one file.  I guess I won't have to tell you that some editors might
have problems with these.  Especially when translators are not
programmers and use editors !vim and !emacs....

 But well, they like it that way I was told when I asked.  Feel free to
try to convince them that having the translations in the same file is a
bad thing (especially it is hard to spot the differences to the english
part with all the other translations in between in the diff).  I guess
it would happen no further than seperated files for each translation
that it might be able to incorporate them into the webwml tree.

 That's my thoughts on it, they may not be shared by anyone else.
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