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Re: Joining the WWW team

* Michiel Sikkes <m.sikkes@luon.net> [2002-10-23 21:42]:
> Now, for my question. How do I join the website team? Do I have to just pick
> something from the todo, make it and say, "I've got this updated, maybe you're
> interested?".

 Mainly, yes.  Send patches to the files to this list.  Once you annoyed
the people enough with valueable stuff to commit one will give you write
access to the cvs tree.

 Btw., do you speak differnt languages?  Maybe you like to help the
translation team for one of those you speak/write fluently.

 Have fun,
    - Water effect intro screen (cool!).
    - Multiple views in the screen (cooler!).
    - Fixed a lot of bugs (coolest!).
 -- David Martínez Moreno, changelog.Debian for freecraft (1:1.17-1)

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