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Re: Debian-Med translations

On Lun 21 Oct 2002 08:32, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hello,
> many thanks to the translator of the two long talks about Debian-Med and
> Debian internal projects.  This was a great job I did not expected this
> soon.

	Don't be afraid. You'll be also assimilated (and translated to Spanish). :-)

> I just have one little problem here with
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/talks/200210_lux_med/index.es.html#p
> I included a single MagicPoint - formated image here because it rendered
> some strange fonts which are not available for browsers.  The reason
> was that it was intentionally hard to read just to make the problem of
> the situation clearly visible.  On the other hand this leaves a hard
> job for translators which would have to create the translation via
> calling MagicPoint and having to install all the necessary fonts.  So I
> just want to ask you for opinions here:
>   1. Leave it as is with the image showing english text and the
>      alt-attribute showing the translation ("¿¿¿¿¿Por qué necesita el mundo
>        toda esta cantidad de programas libres para gestionar los datos
>        de los pacientes?????").
>   2. Just do not insert the image and try to find some plain HTML solution.
>      (In other words - do not waste our web space with stupid images.  In
>      fact I'm unsure here whether I'm missusing Debian web space anyway.)
>   3. I would offer to render the text from the alt-attribute for *some*
>      languages (well I could only volunteer for European languages) into
>      an appropriate image.

	I would vote for 3. What languages will translate Debian-Med talks in the 
near time? Right now these are Deustch and Spanish. I think it's better.

	Please put a remainder in the page source, something like

"If you're translating this page, please drop me a line (tille@debian.org) 
with the text of this slide translated and I'll happily supply you a 
translated image."



PS: Did you see that we reached 1000+ translated pages? ;-)
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