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Re: Debian-Med translations

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, David Martínez Moreno wrote:

> Don't be afraid. You'll be also assimilated (and translated to Spanish). :-)

> 	I would vote for 3. What languages will translate Debian-Med talks in the
> near time? Right now these are Deustch and Spanish. I think it's better.
> 	Please put a remainder in the page source, something like
> "If you're translating this page, please drop me a line (tille@debian.org)
> with the text of this slide translated and I'll happily supply you a
> translated image."
Well, I'll do so once I do my next work on the web pages (or if someone
else could check this in - I'm currently short in time).

I'll send you a translated image in private mail.  Just check it if it
makes sense to wrap the lines this way.

> PS: Did you see that we reached 1000+ translated pages? ;-)

Kind regards


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