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Debian-Med translations


many thanks to the translator of the two long talks about Debian-Med and
Debian internal projects.  This was a great job I did not expected this

I just have one little problem here with


I included a single MagicPoint - formated image here because it rendered
some strange fonts which are not available for browsers.  The reason
was that it was intentionally hard to read just to make the problem of
the situation clearly visible.  On the other hand this leaves a hard
job for translators which would have to create the translation via
calling MagicPoint and having to install all the necessary fonts.  So I just
want to ask you for opinions here:

  1. Leave it as is with the image showing english text and the
     alt-attribute showing the translation ("¿¿¿¿¿Por qué necesita el mundo
       toda esta cantidad de programas libres para gestionar los datos
       de los pacientes?????").

  2. Just do not insert the image and try to find some plain HTML solution.
     (In other words - do not waste our web space with stupid images.  In
     fact I'm unsure here whether I'm missusing Debian web space anyway.)

  3. I would offer to render the text from the alt-attribute for *some*
     languages (well I could only volunteer for European languages) into
     an appropriate image.

Kind regards


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