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Re: Please help me, I am receiving large amounts of spam as a result of my posting.

* Richard Atterer <deb-www@list02.atterer.net> [2002-10-01 22:12]:
>On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 04:10:08PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>> I'd bet that *most* of the spam that you receive for posting to a
>> list is get through the news gate, /not/ through our very own
>> webarchive.
> I don't think so. This used to be the case in the 90s, but these days
> web crawlers seem to be preferred.

 And?  Ever heard of <http://grous.google.com/>?  Hey, you don't need a
usenet crawler to crawl the usenet, you can do it in the web.

> That's why I keep suggesting the @ -> &#64; thing - it's a first step
> and significantly reduces the amount of spam, without any bad
> side-effects.

 I would call "spammers adapting to it" a bad side effect, but yeah,
sounds reasonable.

> Another thing which I've seen with some online archives is a "mail
> this person" button. The CGI behind it does a HTTP redirect to a
> "mailto:"; link, I think - works very well!

 That sounds like a very good idea.  I think most people could live with
that.  And you can change the used algorithm from time to time between
handling the data from the archives to the CGI so spammers don't really
have the chance to adapt easily.

 About the sugguestion that was raised some weeks ago with rewriting the
mailaddress in the archives with DOMAIN.HIDDEN:  I stumbled upon such an
archive lately and saw a thing in there that I also could live with:  It
adds an X-From-ROT13: comment at the top of the page, just like the
message-id is added as html comment already.  The @ in there is replaced
with an A (or N, you know, rot13 :).  The only thing that bugged me was
that the uppercase letters especially in the name (but I would guess
also in the mailaddress, if one uses it) are not rot13 but rot12 (or
rot14 according to in what direction you count).  Don't know if that is
a bug in that algorithm, don't really know which archive software was
used there.

 With te addition of X-From-ROT13 to the html comments I could live,
especially for I write my mails anyway with vim and it has this visual
g? command ,)  [1]

 Yes, the same argument as above can be used here, spammers will
obviously adapt to it after some time.  The real way to go is of course
to get your government to outlaw spam[2] (like it is already in some
european countries).

> The next step after that would be to /kindly/ ask other WWW archives
> of Debian lists to do something similar. Many won't react, but every
> little helps.

 As I stated already it will only solve part of the problem for the
things are still gated to the usenet.  Convincing the usenet gateway to
adapt things like rot13ing the addresses or such should be able, they
tweak the headers anyway.  Do anyone have contact to the admin of the

> IMHO we should fight spam on every available front - and the changes
> I'm suggesting don't impair the usefulness of the online archive.

 No, I would call your sugguestions reasonful -- they don't render the
archive unuseful, only a little harder to work with (but I could live
with that).

[1] t? qbrf ebg13 ba gur ivfhny fryrpgrq cneg bs gur grkg :)
[2] <http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20010219&mode=classic>
linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste
(ksh@cis.ufl.edu put this on Tshirts in '93)

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