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Re: Please help me, I am receiving large amounts of spam as a result of my posting.

Josip Rodin wrote:
> It would be polite to note that it is not our intention to get people
> spammed by keeping archives,

But we do not help to fight spam if we keep email addresses in the archives.
We can keep archives without keeping email addresses.

> or that we do it because we're bastards who
> don't give a ...., because we aren't, we feel your pain :)
> We think the archives are useful when they are left intact.

Speak for yourself. I think they would be equally useful if they would
not contain private email addresses.

The fact is that nobody subscribed to debian lists to be spammed but
everybody ends up being spammed. This is not fair for anybody and we
should try to change that.

> Besides, the spam problem doesn't go away with removing messages
> from the archive -- both because spammers have probably already
> hardvested the address, and because there are several other archives
> on the web and elsewhere where they have probably also have
> harvested it already.

I've heard this argument before and it's bogus.

This is like saying: "National laws against spam will not solve the
spam problem because spammers will always be able to spam from another
country". It's bogus because if every country had laws against spam
then there would not be other countries to spam from. So, national
laws against spam will actually *help* to fight spam in the long run.

What we should not do is "since doing such and such will not solve
the spam problem, we will do nothing at all".

It's sad that we are not aware enough of how much we help spammers.

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