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Re: IPv6 web mirror

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 06:01:34PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> I see. Can you do some testing from other contintents via IPv6 to check if
> mentioning the US is worthwhile? :)

I think in the case of my server, it will be somewhat meaningful, since
we peer with major North American IPv6 providers and don't have funky
tunnels to distant (network-wise) providers.

Sadly, I don't have shell access to any non-US machines to check on
connectivity, but there are a number of web-based traceroute servers
available.  See, for example,

Here's a traceroute from ipng.nl:
Tracerouting to 3FFE:1CE1:2:180A:202:E3FF:FE00:4C75...

traceroute to 3FFE:1CE1:2:180A:202:E3FF:FE00:4C75 (3ffe:1ce1:2:180a:202:e3ff:fe00:4c75) from 2001:6e0::250:4ff:fe4a:7708, 30 hops max, 16 byte packets
 1  Amsterdam.core.ipv6.intouch.net (2001:6e0::2)  0.682 ms  0.612 ms  0.522 ms
 2  3ffe:80c0:200:5::1e (3ffe:80c0:200:5::1e)  103.036 ms  104.772 ms  106.741 ms
 3  3ffe:80c0:200:5::7 (3ffe:80c0:200:5::7)  151.219 ms *  148.887 ms
 4  sipbv6-rtr-sipb-ether.ipv6.mit.edu (3ffe:1ce1:0:b5::1)  185.84 ms  180.559 ms  182.851 ms
 5  ossipee-stf0.ipv6.lcs.mit.edu (3ffe:1ce1:2::1)  186.345 ms  184.96 ms  184.276 ms
 6  lampang.ipv6.lcs.mit.edu (2002:121a:12:1804:280:c8ff:feca:f19d)  184.917 ms  185.709 ms  184.879 ms
 7  2002:121a:12:1a00:2d0:b7ff:feb6:c5a8 (2002:121a:12:1a00:2d0:b7ff:feb6:c5a8)  185.372 ms  187.175 ms  184.012 ms
 8  debian.ipv6.lcs.mit.edu (3ffe:1ce1:2:180a:202:e3ff:fe00:4c75)  184.455 ms  190.276 ms  202.926 ms


That looks really good.  Similar traceroutes from lava.net and a site in
Belgium looked about the same.  They all seem to be crossing the planet
only once, which is a good sign.  I wish I could find a traceroute server
in .jp or some other Asian country, since that's where IPv6 deployment
is most widespread.

I think it does make some sense to mention the US, because what's to
stop somebody from setting up an IPv6 mirror in some other country?
Would "USA (IPv6)" work?


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