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Re: www.debian.org down?

On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 02:18:59PM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> > > Is this some stupid local error, or is the website down?
> > 
> > The web server ran out of free space on /tmp (due to sudden expansion of
> > /var/log) and the build scripts messed things up.
> > 
> > debian-admin, please move /var/log/apache under /org or make logrotate
> > rotate that stuff more often or something else.
> > 
> > (I had a feeling this would happen, but nobody would listen to me before :p)
> I think the problem has propogated to the mirrors too, I'm
> afraid. (www.uk.debian.org shows the same symptoms) IIRC from my days
> on the web team long ago, that's expected because the web pulse is
> pushed just after the build finishes. Maybe you should check the
> result codes of the build processes before pushing the mirror, though?

They are checked, but these things are very hard to diagnose properly, we're
using a version of WML that seems to just crap out silently when its
children can't write to /tmp/wml.$whatever.

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