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translation statistics

Hi all,

first of all thanx to the one setting up the translation statistics [1]...
It makes keeping the translations uptodate a lot easier...

However, I do have a comment on the percentage that is uptodate...
(Not sure someone did so before...) Wouldn't it make more sense to
say that when 40 out of 40 files (e.g. dutch) are uptodate that the percentage 
that is uptodate equals 100%? A red color (=bad) for a translation that is 
completely uptodate is a bit of a downer...

And along the same line, a green color (=ok) when 77 files out of the 132 are
outdated (e.g. Korean, please do not take this personal ;) is a bit to 

The diff on stattrans.pl in CVS (v 1.38) [2] should be rather easy. Something 

<     $percent_t{$lang} = int ($translated{$lang}/$nfiles * 100 + .5);
<     $percent_o{$lang} = $percent_a{$lang} - $percent_t{$lang};
>     $percent_t{$lang} = int ($translated{$lang}/$wml{$lang} * 100 + .5);
>     $percent_o{$lang} = 100 - $percent_t{$lang};


1. http://www.debian.org/devel/website/stats/
2. http://cvs.debian.org/webwml/stattrans.pl?cvsroot=webwml

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