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Re: translation statistics

* Egon Willighagen <egonw@sci.kun.nl> [2002-05-11 13:33]:
> However, I do have a comment on the percentage that is uptodate...
> (Not sure someone did so before...)

 Yep, me :)

> Wouldn't it make more sense to say that when 40 out of 40 files (e.g.
> dutch) are uptodate that the percentage that is uptodate equals 100%?

 It makes much more sense to me and that was why I sugguested it before,

> A red color (=bad) for a translation that is completely uptodate is a
> bit of a downer...

 Fully ACK.

> And along the same line, a green color (=ok) when 77 files out of the 132 are
> outdated (e.g. Korean, please do not take this personal ;) is a bit to 
> positive..

 ,)  But I would say korean *should* take this personal and try to find
some more translators.  I am planing to mail the translation
coordinators of the languages that have more outdated files than
uptodate files somewhen soon and/or do a submission to
debian-devel-announce to try to attract some new people.

> The diff on stattrans.pl in CVS (v 1.38) [2] should be rather easy. Something 
> like:
> 266,267c266,267
> <     $percent_t{$lang} = int ($translated{$lang}/$nfiles * 100 + .5);
> <     $percent_o{$lang} = $percent_a{$lang} - $percent_t{$lang};
> ---
> >     $percent_t{$lang} = int ($translated{$lang}/$wml{$lang} * 100 + .5);
> >     $percent_o{$lang} = 100 - $percent_t{$lang};

 Looks similar to the thing I sugguested back in the time, I guess.

 Have fun, and again -- /pretty please/ ACK this wish.
> Wie schwer ist denn ein Bit?
Das hängt natürlich davon ab, ob es gesetzt oder nicht gesetzt ist.
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