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Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by csmall: webwml/english/doc books.wml

* Debian WWW CVS <webmaster@debian.org> [2002-03-20 17:02]:
> Changes by:	csmall	02/03/20 17:02:55
> Modified files:
> 	english/doc    : books.wml 
> Log message:
> 	updated URL and info for german debian book

 Uhm, I don't grok that diff...  There are word changes right in between
a reformating of a paragraph *eeks*  Hardly to spot.

 Craig, if you do such things, please do it in two seperate commits,
it's hell of a work to find out what words you actually really changed :((

 Thanks for the attention,
php ist an sich ne recht nutzlose sprache wenn da nicht soviele dinge so
einfach drin moeglich waeren
                    -- Getty in #debian.de

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