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Re: waste of bandwith

* timothy bauscher <u@foce.eiomail.com> [2002-03-20 21:26]:
> png isn't supported by all browsers

 FUD?  Sorry, but using of png for non-transparent stuff is fully
encouraged, especially for things where true colors count, like in this

> gif is patented, software patents suck.
 Yep, that's right - we use ist still for the navbar images. Maybe we
should switch those to jpg's, too?  *wonders*

> jpg is the best alternative.

 jpg is crap when it comes to pics in which you need true colors and you
know that (I hope).

 If you can't name some browsers that doesn't support png (I am not
talking of transparency at all here) you are just doing FUD.

 So long,
"Der Ton im Usenet ist häufig kürzer angebunden als im täglichen Leben,
denn Tippen geht langsamer als Reden. Daher fallen Höflichkeitsflos-
keln leichter unter den Tisch als anderswo. Deshalb sind die Aussagen
aber weder oberlehrerhaft noch böse gemeint." (Thomas Hochstein)

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