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Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by csmall: webwml/english/doc books.wml

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 09:02:03AM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  Uhm, I don't grok that diff...  There are word changes right in between
> a reformating of a paragraph *eeks*  Hardly to spot.
>  Craig, if you do such things, please do it in two seperate commits,
> it's hell of a work to find out what words you actually really changed :((

I think it was an unintentional consequence of C&P what the book author
sent me.  I'm just looking at
and agree with you, what a nightmare!

OK, here is what changed.
 - there is now an explanation of Debian's package format (will -> is)
 - there is an overview about standard linux apps (will -> is)
 - Strong emaphasis (will -> will is ? err should be is)
 - the book (will cover -> covers)

I'm curious, it looks to be that the author had a problem with tense,
most changes are from future tense to present, is
there some issue with the German language and tense (will -> is) ?

 - Craig
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