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Re: waste of bandwith

> > > why do you use jpeg compression for the debian logo:
> > > http://www.debian.org/Pics/debian.jpg
> > > This image is 8442 bytes.
> > > Using gif or png compression you can dramatically reduce the size.
> > > The attached png has just 1346 bytes.
> > 
> > png isn't supported by all browsers
> for example? galeon, mozilla, dillo (yes, dillo.sf.net)... even
> IE doesn't seem to have problems with pngs

I admit, it was hard to find any, but it seems
that some of the pre-1998 browsers did not support
PNG. According to Webmonkey, PNG wasn't supported
by IE 4.5 for the Mac.

I prefer to use PNG over JPG unless the file is
a photo. PNG is well supported:


But what i said is still true. PNG isn't
supported by all browsers. That doesn't keep me
from using it, i was only pointing out a fact.

Next time, i will just keep my mouth shut.


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