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Re: Using wml-files in Bugs for own project

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 03:46:29PM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Jonas Meurer <jmeurer@gmx.de> [2002-03-19 15:22]:
> > We started the project [1]freesources.org and we use debbugs as [2]BTS.
> > My question is if I can use the english and german files from Bugs for
> > our website. I allready patched them, and now they are for the
> > freesources.org project. You can watch them at [3]. How is the licence
> > for these files?
>  If you take a look at the end of every Debian webpage you find a link
> that points you to <http://www.debian.org/license> on which you see the
> licence for the webpages, including the link to the real licence.

Oh, thanks ;) 

>  If you have any textual changes for the files (especially the german
> translation, but also the english ones) it would be nice if you can send
> them to me (or the list in case of english changes) so we can update our
> pages with them -- I guess there were still some typos left to fix.

Yea, you're right. There are some spelling mistakes. I will proofread
the files a second time, and send you the fixes. But I meant I changed
the files for freesources.org, because of corse there are many changes,
like severities only used for the debian project, or sentences where the
debian-bugs lists are called etc. That was what I changed ;)
But like I also said above, I'll proofread the files a second time,
because I didn't have much time the first time.

> On the other hand we (you and me) might be able to communicate a little
> closer in case these files undergo changes in the future; or you can of
> course subscribe to debian-www-cvs to track that changes (I can give you
> some procmail rules for that to filter out other-language translations
> and such).

Mhm, that would be fine. I would be interested.

> P.S.: Are you still interested in the wml sources for the mars project?

Yes, but only if it's wml + Makefiles without wmk, like debian-www is.

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