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Re: mime-support

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 10:41:23AM -0800, Ted Suter wrote:
> I need the mime-support .deb file yet I cannot find it. I'm sure, like last
> time, if I spend another hour on your ftp manually searching I'll find it.
> However this is REALLY lame. Why is it not with apache in the web directory,
> nor in interpeters. You should have a search function for this. I'm binary
> alpha btw.

This it the wrong list! You should post to debian-user*.
There is a search-function in you system.
apt-cache search <note>.

You also can search on http://packages.debian.org/


Bei echten Geeks ist die Uptime so hoch, dass sie nicht mehr wissen,
welchen Bootloader sie mal installiert hatten. 
                            -- Jochen Striepe in at.linux

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