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Re: Using wml-files in Bugs for own project

        Hi, Jonas!

 (and of course debian-www ;)

* Jonas Meurer <jmeurer@gmx.de> [2002-03-19 15:22]:
> We started the project [1]freesources.org and we use debbugs as [2]BTS.
> My question is if I can use the english and german files from Bugs for
> our website. I allready patched them, and now they are for the
> freesources.org project. You can watch them at [3]. How is the licence
> for these files?

 If you take a look at the end of every Debian webpage you find a link
that points you to <http://www.debian.org/license> on which you see the
licence for the webpages, including the link to the real licence.

 If you have any textual changes for the files (especially the german
translation, but also the english ones) it would be nice if you can send
them to me (or the list in case of english changes) so we can update our
pages with them -- I guess there were still some typos left to fix.  On
the other hand we (you and me) might be able to communicate a little
closer in case these files undergo changes in the future; or you can of
course subscribe to debian-www-cvs to track that changes (I can give you
some procmail rules for that to filter out other-language translations
and such).

 Have fun,
P.S.: Are you still interested in the wml sources for the mars project?
<Zomb>.oO(Die 3 F's fon Debian: Find the bug, Fix the bug, Forward to
                                  -- Zomb in #debian.de

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