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mass Makefile commit


 If you wondered about my mass Makefile commit in the german directory,
I've found an easy way to check for outdated Makefiles and I'd like to
share it with you all:

for i in `find german -name Makefile `; do
	if [ -n "$(diff `echo $i | sed 's/^german/english/'` $i)" ]; then
		cp `echo $i | sed 's/^german/english/' $i

 Personally I just did an echo of the outdated Makefile in the if part
to be able to check that file - but I guess it should be save to do this
non-interactive (any it doesn't commit it automatically anway).

 I would sugguest translators to run this script every now and then to
check their directories every now and then....

 So long,
P.S.: Maybe it would be useful to add an output of that to the
        stattrans.pl script or such.  Just a first idea.
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