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Bug#138420: www.debian.org: Validation bog in searchtmpl/search.wml

Package: www.debian.org
Version: 20020315
Severity: normal


validate, from the package wdg-html-reference, fails with 88 errors
on this file. It looks like a escaping error since the errors are mainly:

  search.en.html:127:30: character "$" is not allowed in the value of attribute "SELECTED"

the offending line being:

  <OPTION VALUE="pt"      SELECTED="$lang">Portuguese

There is also some other errors, like:

search.en.html:170:4: document type does not allow element "LI" here;
missing one of "UL", "OL", "DIR", "MENU" start-tag
search.en.html:173:34: character data is not allowed here
search.en.html:173:49: end tag for "TR" which is not finished
search.en.html:176:4: document type does not allow element "TD" here

and so on.

I'm not sure even sure this page is actually used on the web site, but it's
in the cvs, and it's translated.

Thanks, Mt.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux blaise 2.4.17 #1 Tue Jan 29 13:01:56 PST 2002 i686 unknown

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