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Re: debian-legal list entry - confidential information disclosure

Please review the Disclaimer for Debian's Public Mailing Lists:


For your convenience, the text of this disclaimer follows:

  Disclaimer for the Debian mailing lists

  Our mailing lists are public forums, and our mailing list archives are public.

  By sending an email to such a public forum, you agree to public distribution of
  your article. All mails sent to any of our mailing lists (and to the bug
  tracking system) will be publically distributed and archived in our mailing
  list archives.

  Any emails sent by any one person directly to the list, or replies by others to
  those emails sent to the list, are considered published, in accordance with the
  United States law.

  Obviously the author still owns the copyright to the content of these emails
  that they have written. However, that does not mean that the Debian Project is
  under obligation to remove them from a list archive once published. Several
  legal counsels have reviewed this stance and confirmed it is correct.

  The mailing list archives have been public well before you sent a message to
  that mailing list address. You are responsible for determining who it is you
  are sending your email to. You cannot send email to arbitrary recipients and
  expect that they are automatically forced into accepting your terms for
  receiving your email.

There is no notice of any confidentiality in the message(s) you cite.
Furthermore, even if there were, the Debian Project was and is not party to any
such agreements.  Messages to Debian's public, published mailing lists are not
subject to human editorial or content review.  Once messages to Debian's lists
are sent, they are automatically published.  Note that the above disclaimer
applies just as much to your message as it does the message(s) you cite.

It is not Debian's policy to comply with requests for suppression or censorship
of materials posted to our published, public forums.  In the future, it may be
wise to encourage your employees to exercise greater discretion when
communicating with its customers or the general public.

Debian is a large, venerable organization with a very high profile in the Free
Software, Open Source, and Linux communities.  Its activities and mailing list
traffic are frequently reported on in major news sites such as:

	Slashdot		slashdot.org
	Linux Weekly News	www.lwn.net
	Linux Journal		www.linuxjournal.com
	Linux Today		linuxtoday.com

You can learn more about Debian by visiting its Web Site at:

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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