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debian-legal list entry - confidential information disclosure

To whom it may concern,

It came to our attention that Debian have published on one
of their mailing lists ("debian-legal") our company's confidential e-mail exchange.
This has been done without seeking our consent
and we urge Debian to remove the entry and the follow-ups from its
archive servers immediately.
Details of the thread published through Debian web pages:
Subject: copyright problem (regarding eemu and compatibles(LONG))
The web address of the information:
http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2000/debian-legal-200012/msg00101.html and the follow-up letters ...
Thank you for your cooperation.
Anna Voleynik
Sales & Marketing Manager
eEMUconcept Pty. Ltd.
web: http://www.eemuconcept.com
e-mail: anna@eemuconcept.com
The eEMU Monitoring Software Company
This email may be confidential and/or privileged. Only the intended
recipient may access or use it. If you are not the intended recipient,
delete this email and notify us promptly. Any unauthorised
copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mail is
strictly forbidden. We use virus scanning software but exclude all
liability for viruses or similar in any attachment.

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