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Re: new front page, take 1

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 10:54:14PM +0100, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> I never really liked the /devel layout, so I can't say I dig this:
> 1. It's messy; different sized (width, height) boxes, with different amount
>    of text.

AFAICT the differences in size are rather small. I looked at it in links
80x25 and mozilla 800x600. Can you make a snapshot so I can see if the
picture we're seeing is too different?

> 2. It's bad coding; it is using <table> for layout, the headings (like "What
>    is Debian") is not a <h> tag, which disables Opera's heading-navigation
>    (W/S).

WRT <table> -- it's the same old argument... :)

I thought I couldn't make those things <h> and Helvetica at the same time,
so I didn't try. Are you saying it's possible?

> 3. There's too many different colours (white on blue on red, yellow on black
>    on light-blue, black on white on light-blue, etc.)

Another old argument.

Though I can't say much about the red parts at the top -- I just left those
intact, and worked on index.wml.

> 4. There's no good reading order (should I go top-down or left-right)?

Left to right. How do you read all other web pages? If anything, _this_ can
be assumed...

> 5. It's multi-column. I size my browser to fit as much text on a line as I
>    can read.

It's a matter of space. If I made it all into a normal page, the whole page
would have been long and there would be many paragraphs with one-line
sentences. This would undoubtedly annoy many vgreps[1] out there.

Pages that have >= 3 columns and too much contrast (a bad imitation of
newspapers) also annoy many vgreps out there[2] -- that's why I used just
two of them. Two doesn't seem to be excessive to me, even in links(1) which
narrows the page.

> But it's good that you throw some ideas around.


[1] visual grep
[2] including mine, ugh

     2. That which causes joy or happiness.

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