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translations of the strings in the blue box


There tends to be trouble with the width of the blue box on the first page,
so I've checked all of the translations after making changes to it.

I realized that the length of "Debian International" will approach the
length of "Developers' corner" for most languages, and that is usually the
longest thing in the blue box. However, I now noticed that the French and
Italian translations have "Debian International" translated with a very long
string. It sounds like the original was "Debian Goes International"... it
should be possible to shorten that, bearing in mind that the English version
is meant as "Debian Internationally". Guys?

In the Turkish translation, the translation for "Documentation" has one word
translated and also another word added in parenthesis, for some reason. I
suppose that's a clarification. I would, however, recommend that this word
is clarified in some other, shorter way.

The string "Release Info" seems to have been translated as "Version Info"
for many languages (including HR, mine!). Looks like we renamed the tag
instead of creating a new one. I'd check the CVS history but that's a boring
process (at least I don't know how to search quickly for changes to a
particular line of a file).

I've also noticed that the phrase "bug tracking system" (NB: I didn't change
that one recently, or ever) seems to enlarge the box for quite a lot of
translations. So I was thinking, shouldn't we rename it to something
simpler, like "bug reports" or "problem reports"? That should result in
shorter translations.

Another noticeable thing is "Mailing list archives", which translates into
very long strings in several languages. I don't know what to do about that

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