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"Missing" mailinglist tags


It would be useful with a few more tags in the file english/MailingLists/mklist.tags, namely:

developers only
deity-developers only
Debian Technical Committee only

Take a look at any non-English language version of subscribe.XX.html, examine the text following the 
"subscription" tags and you'll see what I mean.

Anyone with too much spare time on their hands who's willing to make the changes to mklist.tags and 
whatever else is needed?  Since I don't feel adequately competent yet, I'd rather not add the necessary code 
myself (or we'll all regret it afterwards ;-) ).

By the way, I'm the new coordinator (since the beginning of April) of the Danish translation effort.  I've been 
busy translating, hence my lack of participation on the list.

Regards, Kaare - <http://www.nightcall.dk/>

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