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Packages Web Info

I see this has already been discussed on the list, but I'd like to add my
0.02 worth.

I use the packages link from the main debian page to search for packages of
interest. I think it's great how it displays the dependencies for each
package. I was wondering if a link could be generated on the same page that
has the (very brief) description of the package, to either a ReadMe file for
the package which would contain a bit more detail, or possibly the man or
info for the package, presented in an html format.

This way I could browse a little more information on packages I might want
to download, to make a more intelligent decision whether to download or not.
(If I had already downloaded it of course, I could just go to info or man

I believe the cgi for the package page could just use something like the GPL
yman2html available from
It makes a really nice looking page...

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