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Re: "Missing" mailinglist tags

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 01:59:08AM +0200, Kaare Olsen wrote:
> It would be useful with a few more tags in the file
> english/MailingLists/mklist.tags, namely:
> open
> closed
> developers only
> deity-developers only
> Debian Technical Committee only
> Take a look at any non-English language version of subscribe.XX.html,
> examine the text following the "subscription" tags and you'll see what I
> mean.
> Anyone with too much spare time on their hands who's willing to make the
> changes to mklist.tags and whatever else is needed?  Since I don't feel
> adequately competent yet, I'd rather not add the necessary code myself (or
> we'll all regret it afterwards ;-) ).

I noticed this before, but didn't attempt to fix it, because those strings
are taken from lists.cfg values. I guess we could add a snippet of code to
translate them, though new exceptions (such as the latter three of the
above) could pop up later.

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