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Re: DWN Editor team, how and what?

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> (Please note the To list)
> I have just set up a way so that the editor team for both previous and
> future editors of DWN will be shown properly.
> The code is 
> <define-tag editorname>
> <:{

This could be done quite easily using the current <editor> tag.

> And does anybody have a way to get WML_SRC_REALNAME and
> WML_SRC_USERNAME set to sane values, based on which issue this is?
> (That is, before 2001-10, they should be Joey Hess and joeyh, after
> that they should be Tollef Fog Heen and tfheen.

Where are WML_SRC_REALNAME and WML_SRC_USERNAME used anyway?  Haven't
seen it in templates.



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