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Re: Obsolete mirror list in debian install

James A. Treacy wrote:
> You just need to ask. :)

Hm, I could have sworn I did before. Oh well.

> A number of mirror maintainers asked that their address not be made
> public. Some may not agree with that, but they are volunteering
> the service so I think we should go along with their wish.

Well, it _is_ public. I hope they know that it is available on public
CVS, which is available amoung other places on http://cvs.debian.org/
and is in a debian package that has been burnt to hundreds of thousands of
CD's and is installed on every potato system by default..

> All we need to do is to prune the master list so only the needed
> info is shown on the public page. Give me a format you want the
> data in and you'll have a new, public page in short order.

I need the same format we have now. grep -v Maintainer: on it would seem
to work if that really satisfies these people's concerns.

see shy jo

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