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Re: Obsolete mirror list in debian install

Tomas Ogren wrote:
> I think the install program for potato should sync the mirror list
> against a current one instead of what it's using right now..

This would require updating the Mirrors.masterlist file in base-config.
I have no problem doing that for the next minor release if the release
manager agrees. The file is pulled right out of debian www cvs, and it's
a plain text file. Likelyhood of introducing new bugs is small.

In the longer term, I would prefer to let machines, if they are up on
the net, connect to www.debian.org and download a new mirror list.
However, the debian-www people have consistently frustrated this desire
by refusing to put the Mirrors.masterlist file up on the web for easy
download, and requiring it only be made available by CVS. I have never
understood their reasons for this.

> Example: dogbert.bizit.net doesn't run a mirror anymore (not included in
> the mirror list[0] in unstable) but it's used in the potato install..
> But our mirror ftp.acc.umu.se (ftp.se.debian.org) isn't listed in the
> install program when you want to do a net install (it's listed in [0] in
> unstable but with "Country: SE Sweden" instead of "Country: SE" like
> some have.. could that be causing any problems?)
> Would be nice if this is fixed for 2.2r4 and later..

I agree.

see shy jo

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