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Re: (Re: Chuan-kai Lin's thoughts on the DAM comment in the NM database)

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 08:39:01AM -0500, Remco van de Meent - Debian Listmaster wrote:
> > But -private, and possibly other non-public lists, are *not* being
> > web-archived.  And someone told me that it's outside the control of
> > the listmasters....
> Yeah we can control the archiving on master, using procmail files on
> murphy.
> -private, -newmaint-admin among others are being archived, but on the
> web. -newmaint-discuss should be archived on the web but it doesn't
> seem to work. Although the usual forwarding stuff is in place. I'll
> have a look.

I don't think you meant that: -private is *not* being web-archived!
Nevertheless, everything else seems to be back to normal: -private is
now being archived once more in master:~debian/archive/debian-private
etc., so thank you to everyone who helped to get that working again.



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