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Re: (Re: Chuan-kai Lin's thoughts on the DAM comment in the NM database)

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 04:07:52AM -0500, Remco van de Meent - Debian Listmaster wrote:
> > I don't even know if that is the case :-(  It seems that on August
> > 26, some change was made which stopped any mails from murphy being
> > archived on master.  This affected every list.  I don't know what the
> > reason was, but I've asked about this too.
> Someone made some changes indeed. Most of the stuff seems to have been
> done correctly, though without properly informing all parties involved
> IMHO. I can tell you that it was definitely not listmaster who changed
> the stuff.
> I think the problem is that the lists/procmailrc in ~debian on master
> was removed (who did it?) causing a lot of archiving to stop. Most of
> it was replaced by joy's archive system, but not all of it.

All I know is that James Troup changed the dist file (that's what he called
it - some sort of magic smartlist file) in order to make mails for the web
archive switch from maor-list-archive@debian.org to

> -newmaint-admin being one of the lists left out. I now changed the
> setup so that this list should be archived on master in
> ~debian/archive. Let's hope this one makes it over there. And maybe
> Josip can check the lists on murphy to see what is still forwarding to
> master's ~debian/.qmail-lists-archive and fix that?

I don't have access to murphy, I (and, for that matter, Cesar Mendoza and
the rest of the web team) only handle the lists.debian.org web pages.

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