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Debian website and WML 2.x

FYI, i just ran my latest WML development version (will be 2.0.2) on
Debian website, and it seems to work as with WML 1.7.4.
There were very few trouble:

* in template/debian/template.wml i replaced
  <ifeq "$(NOHOMELINK)" ""
  <ifeq "$(NOHOMELINK)" ""
because the 2 chars `\' and `n' are printed instead of a newline.

* in scripts/l10n-errors.pl,
    print  <<EOF
is replaced by
    print  <<"EOF"
to prevent expansion of <EOF during pass 2.

* in scripts/i18n.pl, lines like
  $str =~ s/<td/<td align=center BGCOLOR="#ddddd5"/g;
are replaced by
  $str =~ s/<td>/<td align=center BGCOLOR="#ddddd5">/g;

FMI, have these templates been modified to help future migration
to WML 2.x?

PS: there are missing '>' l. 1625 of consultants/consultant.data
                          l. 633 of distrib/vendors.CD

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