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Re: What the hell with new wml (2.0.1)?

Calm down.  With the new features in wml 2.0.x, there are a few minor
incompatibilities, and the Debian web site's WML source needs some
modification before it would work with wml 2.0.x.  Also, the handling
of nested tags by mp4h is being refined by WML's maintainer and
experienced users on the sw-wml mailing list as we speak.  Once
everything has stablized, and after modifications and testings by
Debian's webmasters, I'm sure everything will work fine with WML 2.0.x,
but of course, no longer with WML 1.7.x.  :-)

(When the switch over is complete, I'd say: Good riddance to the old
version; it has served us very well, but WML 2.0.x is even faster and
better.  :-)  Ho ho ho!


P.S. Please double check your "Reply-To" address.
     It reads, "Max Kosmach <max>", which, of course, goes nowhere
     as the domain part is missing.

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