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Re: Debian website and WML 2.x

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

> FYI, i just ran my latest WML development version (will be 2.0.2) on
> Debian website, and it seems to work as with WML 1.7.4.
> There were very few trouble:
> * in scripts/l10n-errors.pl,
>     print  <<EOF
> is replaced by
>     print  <<"EOF"
> to prevent expansion of <EOF during pass 2.


> * in scripts/i18n.pl, lines like
>   $str =~ s/<td/<td align=center BGCOLOR="#ddddd5"/g;
> are replaced by
>   $str =~ s/<td>/<td align=center BGCOLOR="#ddddd5">/g;

Why so ? it is in a perl part. Does the new wml try to find tags ? I don't
really understand. What will hapend if I use 'if ($x<2) {...}' ? will it
see an unended <2> tag ?

Anyway, you can't apply your fix so easily. Look a biger snipet of the code :
$str = "<tr><td><category><td colspan=2><I18N-ED><td
$str =~ s/<td/<td align=center BGCOLOR="#ddddd5"/g;

If you make your modification, the <td colspan=2> won't have the good
background. But it's not so hard to fix : instead of be lazy and ask a
perl regexp to put the background, we could put it ourselves...

But I used this trick in a lot of files in this directory. Is it the only
file with which you have this problem ?
l10n.pl(l21) : $header =~ s/<td/<td BGCOLOR="#ddddd5" align=center/g; 
also in l10n-rank.pl, and I sure, almost every one...

I'm sorry, I've no time to fix before 3 weeks...
(damn university!)

Bye, Mt.

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