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Re: debian.org web pages

On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 02:05:47AM -0500, w trillich wrote:
> > A search engine is coming but it will require some upgrading on one of
> > the Debian hosts (VA I think) that the Debian admins quite sensibly  do not
> > want to do during a freeze.
> > 
> > It's on my list of things to do, and it will get done.
> maybe a volunteer could help? :)

Nope, unless you've suddenly become a debian-admin person.  You may not
understand the significance of that.  debian-admin people run the
computers we work on.  For example, I cannot install a database program
on one of our computers so the search data has a home to live, but a
Debian admin can.  They've basically said "It would be better to put a
more modern version of the program on than an old one, let's wait until
the next dist is released".

So in a strange way the search pages are dependent on the release
manager, so we can nicely blame Dark for everything :)

> > What can help is things like the FAQoMAtic, but they need to be kept
> > current.  Have you seen PHPs manual with the user supplied comments?
> > That is quite useful too.
> <nervous mode="newbie">
> um, php's manual?
No, check out the online on on http://www.php.net/  Go to documentation,
then look for annotated manual.  It is very good idea of how to harness
your users thinking caps.

> i'd like to carry the banner "make the newbie's life easier
> [in order to make the gurus' lives easier]". of course, i'm
> not that far up on the totem pole myself... not just yet.
> thus, suggestions (and direction) are welcome.
Yes, I totally agree that Debian, in general, and the website in
particular is not exactly newbie-friendly.  There is a problem in that
for people who has used Debian for years everything seems obvious.

Part of the problem is either it is hard to find the person responsible
for a page, or poor overworked JT is responsible.  We're busy enough
doing the day to days on the site.  That does not mean suggestions to
help should be ignored or rejected.  It just means the suggester has to
be patient sometimes.

> Their is five errers in this sentance.
  there are       errors         sentence

Hmm, we have a logical loop with the five, interesting.
There are infinite errors perhaps, dunno.

  - Craig

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