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Re: debian.org web pages

Craig Small wrote:
> On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 11:10:38PM -0500, w trillich wrote:
> > > Getting a new search engine is something that should be highly prioritized,
> > > yes. However, I don't see the need for having entry fields on all pages,
> > > especially since we have the "Search" link on each page.
> >
> > ...which brings up a page telling about the fact that there's
> > no search facility.
> >
> > offering a link to a fancy search page for the impatient experts
> > is a good idea, as is done now. offering a search field for
> > impatient newbies is a good idea for helping them get up to speed
> > without looking for which link to click to get to a search page.
> A search engine is coming but it will require some upgrading on one of
> the Debian hosts (VA I think) that the Debian admins quite sensibly  do not
> want to do during a freeze.
> It's on my list of things to do, and it will get done.

maybe a volunteer could help? :)

> What can help is things like the FAQoMAtic, but they need to be kept
> current.  Have you seen PHPs manual with the user supplied comments?
> That is quite useful too.

<nervous mode="newbie">
um, php's manual?

i've seen that there's a whole slew of html under
/usr/share/doc/php3-doc/html/{manual.html} but not
noticed anything related to user-supplied comments...


i'd like to carry the banner "make the newbie's life easier
[in order to make the gurus' lives easier]". of course, i'm
not that far up on the totem pole myself... not just yet.
thus, suggestions (and direction) are welcome.

Their is five errers in this sentance.

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