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Re: Would somebody like to take over Lists-Archives ?

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 06:11:27PM -0800, Guy Maor wrote:
> I'd like to give away maintainership of the web list archiving and
> searching.  I originally wrote the scripts but don't have time to
> maintain or enhance them.
> Apart from some very minor maintainance, the major project is building
> a good free search engine for mhonarc-based lists, something with as
> good a front end as dejanews.  If this sounds interesting to you, and
> you're familiar enough with perl to maintain the existing scripts, and
> have some spare time of course, reply to me.

maybe it would be worthwhile asking the people who run MARC if we could
have a copy of their scripts for our list archives. it's about the best
web-based list archiving system i've seen.

if you haven't seen it, it's at http://www.progressive-comp.com/Lists/

also, http://www.progressive-comp.com/Lists/?q=about has a a fair bit
of information about it but doesn't mention whether the software is
available and, if so, under what license.

they sound like they're free-software advocates so they may be willing
to license it under the GPL or something. it doesn't hurt to ask, anyway

btw, they already archive debian-announce, debian-user, debian-devel,
and debian-changes.

i'm tempted to volunteer to help out with the lists archiving myself but
don't think i have enough free time to do it.


craig sanders

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