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Re: Please check/update the translations on the new multilingual template files

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 01:35:56AM +0100, Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> 	OK. I have done so, I have changed all EN's that were not quite
> correct (or were not translated) both in the english and spanish template
> directories.  I have committed the changes in the english templates.
> Save for template/debian/navbar.wml. I have translated it in the spanishdir,
> since the "ALT" in the logo image is not included in the new tags for Wml.
> Since the comment said nothing below it should be translated I have not
> commited the spanish template's files.
> 	Proposal: Add a tag <logo> with the ALT string of the logo, to allow
> its translation "Debian logo" (english) -> "Logo de Debian" (spanish).
> Guess, you thought nobody would be so knitty-picking huh? >;)
I'll add a slice for the ALT tags. It should be done tonight.

> 	BTW, I guess that the specific language templates will no longer be
> needed... am I right?
Once you switch to using it you will no longer need the old templates.
I'm hoping this will make the job of the translators a little easier.

Jay Treacy

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