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Re: Please check/update the translations on the new multilingual template files

	OK. I have done so, I have changed all EN's that were not quite
correct (or were not translated) both in the english and spanish template
directories.  I have committed the changes in the english templates.

Save for template/debian/navbar.wml. I have translated it in the spanishdir,
since the "ALT" in the logo image is not included in the new tags for Wml.
Since the comment said nothing below it should be translated I have not
commited the spanish template's files.

	Proposal: Add a tag <logo> with the ALT string of the logo, to allow
its translation "Debian logo" (english) -> "Logo de Debian" (spanish).
Guess, you thought nobody would be so knitty-picking huh? >;)

	BTW, I guess that the specific language templates will no longer be
needed... am I right?



PD: I'm sorry that the spanish translations are not as up to date as I would
like (specially the security, news...). Since I'm currently in exam's time
I'll try to fix this beginning of February

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