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Re: Getting Info

G'day Kent,

On Fri, 01 Jan 1999 13:11:17 ktb wrote:
> Hi, I am really new at Linux.  I have read certain parts of about Five
> different Linux books.  I've  read some of the online documentation,
> some on my computer.  Some of it I realize is geared to a different
> distribution than mine but some of it isn't.  What I am finding is that
> I can't really go to one source to find information as to how to
> configure various things within Linux.
The best place to look first is in /usr/doc/<packagename> eg /usr/doc/procps for
documentation on the procps package.

At Debian we are also trying to make things easier for people with the configuring
of a Linux system.  If you have a suggestion you may want to email the Debian
developer with a short note.

>  In a way I can see how this
> makes it kind of fun, like a puzzle and you learn a lot on the way.  On
> the other hand it seems like there is a great deal of brain power lost
> out there probably  endlessly repeating  ground that has been covered.
The main problem is that there is a lot of different aspects to Linux.
You couldn't possibly fit them all into one book or other sort of document.

> Could someone who is as green as I be useful for people who want to try
> and write HOWTO's and INFO pages and Tutorials?  I mean  who better to
> practice on?   I was also thinking about writing down exactly the steps
> needed to do certain tasks on my system.  I don't know if this would
> really be worth it though?
I'm not sure, you've emailled the Debian webmaster's email list.  We look
after the Debian web site (and are also the first port of call for all
sorts of Debian questions).  

Documentation is always a problem for all programming projects.  The people
in the Debian Documentation Project would the be the best people to talk to.
You can find their web page at http://www.debian.org/~elphick/ddp/

> Maybe the variance between distributions is just too great.
You would actually be surprised at how close the distributions are.
This is especially so for a normal users point of view.  For an administrator's
point of view there is some divergence but not all that much.

  - Craig
    1/Xth of Debian webmaster

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