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Getting info

Hi, I am really new at Linux.  I have read certain parts of about Five
different Linux books.  I've  read some of the online documentation,
some on my computer.  Some of it I realize is geared to a different
distribution than mine but some of it isn't.  What I am finding is that
I can't really go to one source to find information as to how to
configure various things within Linux.  In a way I can see how this
makes it kind of fun, like a puzzle and you learn a lot on the way.  On
the other hand it seems like there is a great deal of brain power lost
out there probably  endlessly repeating  ground that has been covered.
Could someone who is as green as I be useful for people who want to try
and write HOWTO's and INFO pages and Tutorials?  I mean  who better to
practice on?   I was also thinking about writing down exactly the steps
needed to do certain tasks on my system.  I don't know if this would
really be worth it though?  Maybe the variance between distributions is
just too great.  Maybe I could then pass it on to an expert who could
polish it up and add things I have no clue about.   I don't know, I just
had this instance where I was trying to make a file to do a certain
task, I looked  in several different places and couldn't get it done for
a couple of days and all I needed was to know that I needed the
following line,  #!/bin/sh, in an .xsession file to make it work.  I
also found a much easier way of doing what I was trying to do, change
the default windows manager.  At any rate I may be way off base  and
don't understand the nature of the system.

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