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RE: should the html directories be created automatically?

On 31-Oct-98 James A. Treacy wrote:
> Some people have complained that they need to create the
> html destination direcories. I'd like feedback on how we
> should deal with this. Here are a few possible solutions:
> 1. Set it up so the destination directory can be overridden.
>    Actually this is already possible by simply using
>    make HTMLDIR=.
>    to build. The only problem is that the variable is not
>    propogated to the Make in subdirectories. This can be
>    arranged.
> 2. Add commands to the Makefiles to automatically create
>    the needed destination directories.
> 3. Create a command in webwml that will recursively descend
>    webwml/english and make sure the corresponding directory
>    exists in the destination area.
> The SPI pages already have number 2 implemented. I prefer
> number 3 with people at home using number 1 if they prefer
> it.

By it's self, I don't like #1.  It still won't CREATE a tree that does not
exist.  It just allows the maker to point to an alternate location.  I did #2
for SPI because it was quick and easy and I *knew* that I had created
directories that were not going to be in the debian.org and I didn't want to
break the make (I learned from the security work I've been doing ;)   #3 sounds
just as good as long as it's smart enough to not duplicate the CVS and template
and other such directories....

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