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should the html directories be created automatically?

Some people have complained that they need to create the
html destination direcories. I'd like feedback on how we
should deal with this. Here are a few possible solutions:

1. Set it up so the destination directory can be overridden.
   Actually this is already possible by simply using
   make HTMLDIR=.
   to build. The only problem is that the variable is not
   propogated to the Make in subdirectories. This can be

2. Add commands to the Makefiles to automatically create
   the needed destination directories.

3. Create a command in webwml that will recursively descend
   webwml/english and make sure the corresponding directory
   exists in the destination area.

The SPI pages already have number 2 implemented. I prefer
number 3 with people at home using number 1 if they prefer

What do other people think?

Jay Treacy

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