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translation of pages that change frequently

Some pages need special handling because they change frequently (devel/people)
or they are generated by scripts (MailingLists/*subscribe.wml). To make it
easier to keep the translations up to date some of these pages are
being converted to use a feature of wml called slices.

Currently consultants/index.wml and distrib/vendors.wml are set up
this way. In both cases file by the original name exists which should
be translated normally. These files include another file which
includes translations for a number of key phrases are used in the rest
of the text. When the wml is compiled each language only grabs the
version of the phrases that they want.

This mechanism should allow the people maintaining these pages to
add entries which are then used to generate new pages for every
language - including the new entry. Occasionally new phrases will
need translation, but that can be solved by a message to debian-www.

Other pages that use or could be done similarly:

devel/people includes ../../english/devel/people.names
no slices are used and none are necessary.

MailingLists/*subscribe.wml is generated by a script. Translations
should be added to the config file which is maintained by the
listmaster. A system still needs to be worked out to deal with
this (it will almost certainly be checked into CVS).

Jay Treacy

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