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Re: Debian CD Web page

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I have been very busy.
> I also only speak English. So, explain to me why, when I go to the above
> URL I see the title:
> Fabricantes de CDs
> And the rest of the page is equally incomprehensible. I found my
> reference, but can only verify that the e-mail address is correct, and
> that I still do not have a web page, although that is soon to change.
> Let me know when I can read the page ;-)
G'day Dwarf,
  I believe that this is a common problem with the site with certain
versions of netscape and the language negotiation.  I have passed your
comments onto the rest of the webmasters in case it is something different.

  - Craig

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